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New LexisNexis Campaign Information

Date: 01/30/18

Dear Provider, 

Thank you for your continued partnership with Ambetter from Magnolia Health. As you know, a critical component of quality care is accuracy of provider demographic data. As such, we are partnering with LexisNexis and American Medical Association Business Solutions again to validate your data on a quarterly basis. You will receive an email soon requesting your attestation in the Verify Health Care Portal. This is a secure website, where you are able to update your pre-populated information easily and quickly. You may complete this activity yourself or forward the email to a delegate to complete on your behalf. If your demographic data has changed, please be sure to update it in the portal. Attestations are due within two weeks of receipt of the request. 

By updating your demographic information in the Verify Health Care Portal, you can ensure that your edits are implemented across any other Medicare and Marketplace payers who are also using the Verify Health Care Portal. In addition, updating via the Verify Health Care Portal will reduce the phone calls and faxes to your office requesting confirmation. Without current demographic information members may have difficulty locating providers in their area, and care needs may go unmet. Additionally, these updates are required by CMS and covered in your Participating Provider Agreement with Ambetter from Magnolia Health. 

Please contact Provider Services at 1-877-687-1187 with any questions you may have. Thank you again for your ongoing partnership.